Women intimate troubles

Women vaginal flora can be easily unbalanced by several factors as the use of too aggressive cleansing products, an hormonal imbalance or the intake of some medicines. To limit the risk of infections of mycosis type or appearance of annoyances as intimate dryness, recourse to vaginal creams or to prevention products allows to limit these disorders and to contribute to re-establish the balance.

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Which soothing cream to choose for intimate irritations?

Your on line pharmacy Cocooncenter proposes you a wide range of vaginal creams and products packed in form of ovules, gel, capsules or also tablets.
Made by the greatest brands of intimate cares as Rogé Cavaillès, Saugella or Hydralin, our products contain assets naturally soothing and respect the intimate flora thanks to their adapted pH.
Used in regular way until disappearance of troubles, our vaginal creams allow you to limit vaginal dryness and to find comfort. Under the form of cure, our ovules, capsules and tablets effectively relieve intimate annoyances and re-establish intimate flora balance thanks to the addition of adapted vaginal probiotics.

Find also on our on line shop our selection of soins intimes to ensure your daily hygiene in adapted way and limit thus the appearance of troubles.

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