Tooth picks

In addition to regular and sufficient brushing with a toothbrush manual or a electric toothbrush, use of toothpicks and interdental picks helps you remove residues between the teeth effectively. Like the dental threads or the brushes, the toothpicks can be of different shapes and materials to adapt to all needs and preferences. Depending on the product, toothpicks and inter-dental picks can be single-use or reusable.

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Which inter-dental stick to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a range of multi-purpose toothpicks and inter-dental picks to meet all needs and adapt to your preferences.
Discover our selection of disposable toothpicks from the Mercurochrome or Elmex brand, ergonomic and packaged in individual sachets to be carried everywhere during your daily activities.
They contribute in preserving the planet, also find our reusable toothpicks in silver blade, to disinfect after each use with an antiseptic product.
To use your toothpick, place it between your thumb and forefinger and apply the flat side of the inter-dental stick to the gum tissue. Then place it perpendicularly between your teeth and clean the residue by pushing the inter-dental stick gently. Avoid pricking your gums to avoid bleeding and pain.

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