Scented candles

Very trendy in the recent years, scented candles makes way into our interiors to create a warm atmosphere in all the rooms of the house. Created in several forms and available in several scents, they also help to clean the air, such as scented candles that we suggest you discover on our online store. A real decorative object, scented candle ensures several hours of combustion for a long lasting and economical action.

Which perfumed candle to choose?

To help clean the air in your home, apartment or office, Cocooncenter invites you to discover scented candles from the Papier d'Arménie brand.
Made from vegetable wax and cotton wick, scented candles contain Atlas cedar, cinnamon and sage leaves not to mention, lavender flowers to help clean the ambient air in a completely natural way. To keep your scented candle as long as possible, extinguish it after 5 hours of use and cut the wick slightly before lightening it again.

Also discover on our online French pharmacy papers and blotters from Armenia and incense to provide fragrance and perfume in the ambient air.

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