Scented paper and candles

More ecological than classic deodorants, blotting papers allow you to quickly and effectively get rid of bad odors due to a natural composition. They clean the air and make the room smell good, when essential oils are added. Cocooncenter also offers a range of scented candles with several dozen hours of combustion to decorate your interior and create a relaxing atmosphere, while purifying the ambient air.

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Which paper or perfumed candle to choose?

Check out on our online store the leading brands of papers and incense to burn like the famous Armenia paper.
Packaged in the form of a booklet which contains several sheets or in scented candles, our products deodorize, cleanse and provide fragrance in your home or your office with slightly woody notes due to the essential oils of patchouli or cinnamon which they contain. You can also opt for a neutral or slightly flowery scent, depending on your needs.
To use our papers and scented candles safely, always ensure that the room is well ventilated and that the product does not burn unattended.

Discover our ranges of sanitizing sprays and' essential oils to diffuse to purify the air and benefit from the various properties of aromatherapy.

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