Sun protectorsfor children and babies

Even more than adults, children and babies should benefit from very high sun protection when exposed, as their skin doesn't contain as many cells. Therefore, they tend to develop sunburns or even burns more easily while being exposed to the hottest hours of the day. Sun protection designed specifically for children and resistant to water is essential, and can be renewed regularly.

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Which sunscreen for children and baby to choose?

To be used as a combination with a hat and a t-shirt or coveralls, sunscreens for children are generally thicker than sunscreens for adults. The protection index is also higher: we recommend the application of a cream with a protection index of 50+ in babies and very young children, which can be lowered to 30 in older children and already used to the sun.

Just like the sun protection classic, sun protection for children comes in various forms. Through cream, the sun product provides maximum protection due to a rich and well-covering texture. In milk or spray, it'll be easier applying and make a less sticky effect on the child's skin. Last but not least, there are also"anti-sand"sun protections that limit itching due to sand and prevent grains from sticking to the skin.

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