Cooper Antiseptic Solution Chlorhexidine 0.5% 100ml

Cooper Antiseptic Solution Chlorhexidine 0.5% 100ml

by Cooper
100ml Spray
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Cooper Antiseptic Solution Chlorhexidine 0.5% 100ml is a solution for skin application with chlorhexidine, an antibacterial agent with a broad spectrum of activity, which has a long-lasting action and is particularly well tolerated by the most fragile skins.

Alcohol-free and colorless, it does not sting or stain clothes.

Bactericidal activity in accordance with standard EN 1040.

Directions for use

Apply with a sterile compress or directly to the injured zones. The preliminary use of soap must be followed of a careful rinsing.

External use only.
Do not swallow.
Do not apply in the eyes and in the nose.
Do not apply to injured skin and mucous membranes.
Do not use in case of allergy to chlorhexidine.
Do not use in newborns up to 2 weeks of age.

If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.
Contact the nearest poison control center.

Dispose of the empty packaging or its contents at the appropriate collection points.

Indication: Cutaneous disinfection.

Chlorhexidine Digluconate: (CAS n°18472-51-0) 0,5% m/m.

EAN Code 3401595562596
Form Solution
Presentation Spray
Contents 100ml
Advised to Disinfect the wounds
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Cooper Antiseptic Solution Chlorhexidine 0.5% 100ml

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