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Guigoz Ultima Lait 1er Âge From 0 to 6 Months

Guigoz Ultima Lait 1er Âge From 0 to 6 Months

by Guigoz
780 g Box
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Directions for use

Guigoz Ultima Lait 1er Âge From 0 to 6 Months meets the nutritional needs of all infants, including those born by caesarean section, from birth to 6 months. Compliant with infant formula regulations, this milk powder contains DHA, B.Infantis lactic ferments and is palm oil-free. It features a carefully crafted composition based on lactose, vegetable oils, partially hydrolyzed whey protein, minerals, a blend of specific nutrients, microalgae and Mortierella Alpina oils, vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, nucleotides and antioxidants.

Suitable as a relay or complement to breastfeeding. Also suitable for healthy infants of appropriate weight for their post-conceptional age, under medical supervision only. Talk to your doctor.

Directions for use

Precautions for use: for baby's good health, it is important to follow the preparation instructions and the following instructions:

  • Prepare bottle just before mealtime.
  • Use mineral or spring water suitable for infants.
  • We advise against using a microwave oven to warm water, as there is a risk of burns. Instead, use a bain-marie or bottle warmer.
  • Use only the measuring spoon contained in this box.
  • It's best to give the bottle within an hour of preparing it at room temperature, or within half an hour if it's lukewarm. Don't hesitate to throw away the rest of an unfinished bottle.
  • Always hold baby securely while he takes his bottle, to avoid any risk of choking.
  • Store closed tin in a cool, dry place, no longer than 3 weeks after opening.

Prepare the bottle according to baby's age, referring to the dosage chart on the can.

Indication: Infant milk preparation. For babies from 0 to 6 months.

LACTOSE, vegetable oils (oleic sunflower, rapeseed, sunflower), partially hydrolyzed LACTOSERUM proteins, minerals (potassium phosphate, calcium citrate, potassium, magnesium and sodium chlorides; ferrous, zinc, copper and manganese sulfates ; potassium iodide; sodium selenate), 2'-Fucosyllactose / Difucosyllactose mixture (1), Lacto-N-Tetraose (1), 3-Fucosyllactose (1), 6'-Sialyllactose sodium salt (1), 3'-Sialyllactose sodium salt (1), Mortierella alpina oil, oil extracted from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, B12, C, D, E, K), choline bitartrate, L-Arginine, L-Histidine, L-Phenylalanine, Inositol, Taurine, L-Carnitine, Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-3446, Bifidobacterium infantis LMG 11588, nucleotides, antioxidants (tocopherol-rich extract, L-ascorbyl palmitate), acidity regulator (citric acid).

(1) derived from LACTOSE"

Nutrition declarationper 100 gper 100 ml
Energy2138 kJ/511 kcal282 kJ/67 kcal
Fats and oils26,4 g3,5 g
of which saturated fatty acids2,4 g0,3 g
of which linoleic acid3850 mg504.9 mg
of which alpha-linolenic acid336 mg44.1 mg
of which arachidonic acid130 mg17 mg
of which docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)130 mg17 mg
Carbohydrates58,1 g7,6 g
of which sugars58,1 g7,6 g
of which lactose58,1 g7,6 g
Dietary fiber1,35 g0,177 g
2'-fucosyllactose (2'FL)0,66 g0,1 g
Difucosyllactose0,029 g0,012 g
Lacto-N-Tetraose0,22 g0,029 g
6'-Sialyllactose0,11 g0,014 g
3'-Sialyllactose0,08 g0,011 g
3- Fucosyllactose0.18 g0.024 g
Protein9,72 g1,3 g
Whey proteins9,72 g1,3 g
Vitamin A440 µg-ER57.7 µg-ER
Vitamin D11 µg1.44 µg
Thiamine (B1)500 µg65.6 µg
Riboflavin (B2)1000 µg131 µg
Niacin (B3)5 mg0.61 mg
Pantothenic acid (B5)5.1 mg0.67 mg
Vitamin B6350 µg45.9 µg
Biotin (B8)11.2 µg1.47 µg
Folates (B9)144 µg-EFA18.9 µg-EFA
Vitamin B121.17 µg0.15 µg
Vitamin C65 mg8.5 mg
Vitamin K34 µg4.46 µg
Vitamin E11.4 mg alpha--ET1.49 mg alpha-ET
Mineral salts--
Sodium195 mg25.6 mg
Potassium635 mg83.3 mg
Chloride395 mg51.8 mg
Calcium336 mg44.1 mg
Phosphorus186 mg24.4 mg
Magnesium50 mg6.56 mg
Iron5.4 mg0.71 mg
Zinc3.8 mg0.5 mg
Copper370 µg48.5 µg
Iodine107 µg14 µg
Selenium27.8 µg3.65 µg
Manganese117 µg15.3 µg
Fluoride<60 µg<7.8 µg
Taurine28 mg3.67 mg
Carnitine11 mg1.44 mg
Choline170 mg22.3 mg
Inositol33.4 mg4.38 mg
Nucleotides15 mg1.97 mg
EAN Code 8445290941190
Form Powder
Presentation Box
Contents 780 g
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Guigoz Ultima Lait 1er Âge From 0 to 6 Months

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Guigoz: more than 100 years of expertise to serve the baby well-being.

The Guigoz Laboratories became a reference in baby nutrition. Thanks to their range of baby milks, they contribute to the good development of baby providing him an adapted answer to its nutritional and digestive needs.

The Guigoz baby milks are submitted to a specific and rigorous European law: their composition should answer to the baby nutritional needs fixing the content of several components.

The Guigoz Laboratories pay attention to the quality and safety of its baby milks, and an extreme rigorousness to the production process.

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