Baby nasal hygiene

A good nasal hygiene allows to protect the baby nose and to prevent from the appearance of varied infections (cold, rhinitis,....). Within our universe "Nose Hygiene" you will find a large selection of products that will allow you to process gently to the baby nose cleansing. Baby doesn't know how to blowing his nose, it is essential to help him to keep a clean nose, clear of different impurities and not obstructed. In order to process to the baby nose cleansing, it is recommended to use a nasal solution in form of physiologic serum or isotonic solution (in unidose or in spray), to place your baby in laying position on the back, by switching his head on the side and by inserting a dose of physiologic serum or by spraying the isotonic solution in the upper nostril, then reverse the position for the other nostril. Thanks to this daily gesture, baby will be able to breathe comfortably!
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