Radiant conditioners

Is your hair dull and lacks vitality? Unbalanced diet or lifestyle, frequent usage of heating devices or repeated discolorations weaken your hair and make them lose their original shine. To resume soft and radiant hair, shining conditioners contain natural ingredients which will give your hair all the nutrients it needs, while better reflecting natural light through active ingredients with their mirror effect.

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Which radiant conditioner to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy encourages you to discover a wide range of radiant conditioners and bid goodbye to dull hair which lack vitality! Offered by leading hair brands like Klorane or Furterer, their composition is rich in natural active ingredients and plant extracts, which takes care of hair and provides radiance, hydration and shine.
You can also find our natural cosmetics brands such as Cattier or Argiletz to take care of your hair naturally without chemical ingredients while helping to preserve the environment.
Like all conditioners, our shine conditioners are used after your shiny shampoo break for a few minutes for effective disentangling, before thoroughly rinsing with clean water.

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