Nourishing conditioners

Mainly composed of keratin, the protein that makes up the hair, the hair fiber has several more or less tight scales which turn into smooth hair or on the contrary a curly hair. Hair can be dry by nature like curly or frizzy hair, or become dry due to the use of aggressive products, coloring or repeated straightening which slows down keratin and sebum production.

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Which conditioner for dry hair to choose?

Hair can also become drier during certain times of the year, like summer due to exposure to sun, sea salt or chlorine in swimming pools which makes hair drier.
Your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy encourages you to discover a selection of nourishing conditioners to provide your hair with all the hydration and nutrients it needs to resume balance.
Created by the leading brands of traditional and natural cosmetics such as Furterer, Ducray, Melvita or Weleda, our conditioners for dry hair contain vegetable oils of coconut, argan, jojoba and plant extracts known for their revitalizing, softening and restorative properties.

Combine your nourishing conditioner with a shampoo for dry hair, as well as a care to nourish them in depth.

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