Radiant hair shampoos

Particularly exposed to external aggression such as UV rays, pollution or aggressive hair products such as dye, hair easily becomes dull as time goes by. Inherently dry hair, tobacco consumption and a poor lifestyle also contribute in making hair less radiant and unhealthy. To resume healthy, soft and shiny hair, Cocooncenter offers a range of radiant shampoos in keeping with your needs.

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Which shampoo for dull hair to choose?

To regain radiance, using shampoos for dull hair has turned out to be interesting. Their formulation acts on several levels, first detoxifying the hair and secondly restoring luster and shine.
Formulated with natural active ingredients or essential oils, our radiant shampoos tighten hair scales so that it reflects light better. More protected from external aggression, nourished and moisturized, your hair is softer, more flexible and more radiant with each application.
Some products that we offer are specifically formulated to take care of blond hair, colored or not, more sensitive to discoloration.

You can also check out on our online store a selection of shiny and radiant conditioners to complete your hair routine.

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