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Amino acid dietary supplements

Derived from proteins, amino acids are organic elements which play an important role in metabolism, transporting and storing nutrients in our body. Our body needs 8 amino acids known as "essential" which we cannot consolidate ourselves. They must be provided through food or by food supplements in case of deficiencies.

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Which essential amino acid dietary supplement to choose?

Amino acid requirements vary greatly from person to person depending on the age, physical condition and lifestyle. An unbalanced diet, industrialized food which is poor in vitamins and nutrients promotes the risk of deficiencies, like doing intensive physical activity.
To avoid disorders related to a deficiency, amino acid supplementation is of great help when the diet is not enough to cover the recommended intakes.

Discover our range of food supplements formulated with amino acids in the form of capsules or tablets which are easy to take.
Leucine or Lysin help maintain muscle tissue, arginine improvise blood circulation or Glutamine boosts protein production in the body, we offer many products, that shall meet your needs.

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