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Panties and pads for urinary leaks

Incontinence is expressed by the uncontrollable and involuntary loss of a small amount of urine, which can occur during the day, at night, but also during physical activity or pregnancy. Urine leakage mainly affects women over 60, although men can also be affected. To help ensure comfort and serenity throughout the day and at night, panties for urine leaks are an effective solution to prevent leaks and curb the feeling of humidity.

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Which panties to choose in case of incontinence?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers you a selection of panties for urinary leaks specially designed to effectively absorb leaks and prevent a humid sensation.
Briefs for incontinence, unlike pads for urine leaks, are worn like a classic underwear. Thin, comfortable and super-absorbent, it offers optimal support and helps you neutralize odors. Choose your incontinence panties according to your waist line and your preferences, these are available in low and high waists.
For optimal intimate hygiene, also discover our hygienic wipes to feel refreshed during the day over the course of your daily activities.

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