Sanitary pads for urinary leaks

Leaking urine mainly affects women, but men can also be affected due to incontinence. A common phenomenon for the elderly because of the deterioration of the perineum muscle, urinary leaks are also often found in cases of pregnancy, anxiety, sports, such as trampoline or in case of excessive coffee consumption. Urinary incontinence can take take on several forms: stress, urgency or nighttime, and require suitable products to avoid the problems it might lead to.

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Which towel to choose in case of incontinence?

Thinner and more comfortable than sanitary pads classic, the pads for urinary leakage offers an effective solution for bladder issues, by absorbing urine quickly without leaving a feeling of moisture. Often fitted with flaps on the side, they are an effective protection without any leakage risk. They can be used on a daily basis, without contraindication and allow you to regain comfort while limiting bad smells.

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy also offers you the opportunity to discover briefs and panties for urinary leaks to help you improve your comfort in the event of incontinence, but also our intimate hygiene products in the form of hygienic wipes to feel refreshed during the day as you go about your daily activities.

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