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Multivitamin food supplements

A multivitamin supplement includes a certain number of vitamins and nutrients required for the proper functioning of the body: vitamin C for immunity, vitamin D for the bone system or even magnesium for dynamism. Each tablet is taken as a punctual or seasonal cure on a daily basis as it helps maintain normal levels of nutrients. The latter may be lacking at times due to a diet poor in vitamins and minerals and an often stressful lifestyle.

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Which multivitamin complex to choose?

Multivitamin supplements are made for everyone, regardless of the needs. Elderly or regularly stressed people, people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or people who have difficulty eating in a balanced manner will be more exposed to a risk of vitamin and mineral deficiency.
To choose a multivitamin complex properly, it is required to clearly define the expectations and needs in advance, to select the most suitable nutrients. Multivitamins take a global action, to be completely effective on the body. Other people will require magnesium or vitamin C to strengthen immunity for example.

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