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Royal jelly food supplements

A substance secreted by bees, royal jelly is the only food for the queen and for young bees. Very rich in nutrients, it contains vitamins, proteins, sugar, minerals and micronutrients. Royal jelly has many benefits mainly due to the longevity of queens: it lives 3 years on an average, compared to 2 to 6 months for worker bees!

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Why take a royal jelly vial or a capsule?

The very complete nutritional composition of royal jelly food supplements offer them many properties, especially when they are taken as a cure during the winter.
The Royal jelly is filled with vitamins and triggers a stimulating action on our body, by contributing to the proper functioning of the immune system.
It also helps reduce fatigue and increase vitality during stress or overwork.

Discover our selection of sticks, vials and royal jelly capsules pure or combined with other natural active ingredients to help strengthen your immune defenses. Since royal jelly has a strong allergenic power, it is advised to start with a minimum dose, then increase it gradully, if no discomfort seems to appear.

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