Slimming cares

To help you to lose superfluous kilos, eliminate cellulite, reduce the orange peel skin appearance or firm your skin, the slimming cares offer an additional support when they are associated to a healthy diet and regular physical activity. Declined in several ranges and textures, from oil to serum passing by lotions or gels, they adapt to all the needs and all the preferences for an easy and pleasant daily application.

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Which slimming care to choose for the body?

The slimming cares are declined in several ranges to answer to specific needs. Discover our selection of slimming creams based on natural ingredients as caffeine or red seaweed to contribute to effectively eliminate fats, to lose a few centimetres of waist size or thighs and find a flat belly.

You wish to make disappear cellulite on your thighs, your belly and your knees? Opt for anti-cellulite creams that will reduce the orange peel skin appearance and progressively destroy unsightly cellulite. Finally, discover also our firming cares specially developed to contribute to preserve skin elasticity and firming and slow the cutaneous slackening process.

For more efficacy, you can also associate our body slimming cares with anti-cellulite suction cups and slimming clothes.

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