Anti-cellulite cares

Very frequent among women, cellulite characterises by an accumulation of fat cells - the adipocytes - that form under the thighs skin, hands, belly or also knees. Cellulite manifest by the orange peel skin appearance, responsible of a lack of elasticity and skin tone. Associated to a balanced diet and regular physical activity, the anti-cellulite creams contribute to reduce the orange peel skin appearance and improve the skin quality.

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Which anti-cellulite care to choose?

To effectively eliminate cellulite, your on line pharmacy Cocooncenter proposes you a wide range of anti-cellulite cares in form of creams, oils or also serums to use in massage in association with our anti-cellulite suction cup.
Formulated from natural actives, vegetable oils and decongestant and invigorating essential oils, they promote water elimination and activate fats destocking. Regularly applied on concerned areas by cellulite as belly, hips or thighs, they contribute to effectively and rapidly eliminate cellulite and to improve your skin appearance.
Day after day, your skin becomes smoother, cellulite is reduced and your find a more refined silhouette.

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