GUM Soft-Picks Pro 30 Units

GUM Soft-Picks Pro 30 Units

by GUM
30 Sticks Blister - 2 sizes available
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Directions for use

GUM Soft-Picks Pro 30 Units are rubber interdental sticks that provide gentle, effective cleaning where a toothbrush won't go. Their curved shape helps to reach back teeth more easily.

Metal- and latex-free.

Directions for use

Do not force into narrow spaces.

Form Sticks
Presentation Blister
Contents 30 Sticks
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GUM Soft-Picks Pro 30 Units

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GUM helps you get stronger and healthier teeth and gums, through a range of oral hygiene products, innovative and with high quality. Each product has been created to answer your needs according to your specific symptoms.

The brand GUM has developed several ranges: GUM Paroex and GUM Gincidex (gums care), GUM Original White (dental coloration or discoloration), GUM SensiVital (sensitive teeth), GUM Aftamed (mouth ulcers and lesions), GUM HaliControl (breath), GUM Ortho (orthodontic appliances wearers) and GUM Kids (children).

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