Make-up removing and cleansing sponges

Like the cleansing cottons and make-up removing discs, the cleansing sponges and the gloves are very convenient to use to gently and effectively cleanse the skin at the end of the day, or in the morning to get rid of the impurities accumulated on the skin, during the night. The make-up removing sponges are also more ecological and economical since they can be reused for several weeks. Multi-purpose, they adapt to all skin types and are very easy to use.

Which makeup remover glove or cleansing sponge to choose for the face?

To naturally remove makeup residue and impurities, Konjac sponges are ideal to use. Resistant, economical and naturally exfoliating, konjac sponges are made from konjac, a vegetable widely used in Asia renowned for its satiating properties useful for weight control. Konjac plant fibers have a strong affinity with the skin and help balance the skin's pH and make cell renewal easier.

Also check out on Cocooncenter our range of makeup removing gloves multi-purpose, to clean the skin, moisturize it and fight against skin aging but also our washable gloves to eliminate makeup, pollution and chalky residue quickly and effortlessly.

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