Facial cleansing brushes

Used regularly or occasionally depending on your skin type, the facial cleansing, manual or electric brushes, effectively cleanse the skin and gently remove impurities, in addition to stimulating the blood micro-circulation and smoothing the skin. Over the days, pores are less visible, the skin has a glow and the complexion is more radiant. Cosmetic treatments which are applied daily are also better absorbed by the skin, which increases their effectiveness.

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Which facial brush to choose and how to use it properly?

Cocooncenter offers a wide range of facial brushes to effectively cleanse your skin. Choose your cleansing brush according to your skin type: dilated, mixed, normal or sensitive pores to ensure an intense cleansing of your skin without harming it.
To properly use your facial brush, add a small amount of cleansing product on the tip of the brush after the makeup removal step. Then pass the brush over your face in light circular movements in case of a manual face brush.
Depending on your skin type, you can use your cleansing brush daily or several times a week.

Discover our selection of electric and manual cleansing brushes to deeply cleanse your face, regardless of your skin type.

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