Cottons and cleaning disks

Like the cleansing cottons and make-up removing discs, the cleansing sponges and gloves are very convenient to use to gently and effectively cleanse the skin at the end of the day, or in the morning to remove impurities from the skin, which have accumulated during the night. The make-up removing sponges are also more ecological and economical since they can be reused for several weeks. Multi-purpose, they adapt to all skin types and are very easy to use.

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Which cotton or makeup remover disk to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a wide range of makeup removal discs and cleansing cottons in various sizes, shapes and textures to precisely suit your needs and the zones on the face.
To gently remove make-up from your eyes without attacking them, choose round-shaped cottons specially designed to remove mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner in an effective manner.
Conversely, cleansing cottons larger in square or rectangular shape will be perfect for removing impurities from the face. As for the texture, choose smooth textures for the face and striped textures for the eye makeup removal .

You can also find our organic and reusable cottons to reduce your waste and help preserve the environment!

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