Gloves and massage flowers

Used with or without a body scrub, massage gloves are ideal for cleansing the skin deeply, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and regaining a smooth skin. Freed of dead cells and impurities, the skin is more receptive to body treatments applied afterwards, which promotes their penetration and effectiveness. The massage gloves are available in a synthetic version or in a traditional version, made from animal hair.

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Which massage glove or flower to choose?

Choosing a massage glove or massage flower will depend mainly on your budget and your preferences.
Made in a traditional way, the horsehair glove is stronger and rougher than synthetic fiber massage gloves, gentler on the skin and more suitable for sensitive and dry skin.
Used regularly in the shower, the massage glove helps fight against the formation of ingrown hairs, to help reduce cellulite and the appearance of orange peel skin and stimulates blood circulation.
It is also an opportunity to grant yourself a moment of relaxation and well-being at the end of the day, to eliminate accumulated tensions and promote restful sleep.

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