Nourishing shampoos

Dry hair can be caused due to many reasons: nature of curly or frizzy hair, repeated blow-drying or dyeing, excessive washing frequency, etc. All this dehydrates the hair fiber, which becomes dry and splits over time. To re-balance the hair, the use of nourishing shampoos rich in active ingredients and nutrients makes it possible to re-hydrate and nourish these effectively, in addition to other hair care such as conditioners and masks.

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Which moisturizing and nourishing shampoo to choose?

To nourish your dry hair and make it soft and supple, your online Cocooncenter drugstore offers a wide range of moisturizing and nourishing shampoos.
Created by the leading brands of traditional and organic cosmetics such as Klorane, Furterer, Cattier or Ducray, they contain many active ingredients to nourish your dry and damaged hair. Due to their natural restorative ingredients such as shea butter, wheat protein or argan oil rich in fatty acids, nourishing shampoos moisturize the hair fiber and provide the hair with all the nutrients they need.

Complete your hair routine with our nourishing conditioners and our treatments to use without rinsing to optimize results and nourish your hair in a more sustainable manner.

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