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Shampoos for oily hair

Just like our skin, our scalp contains sebum which protects it from aggression. This is distributed throughout the hair fiber and smooths out the scales. Sometimes, sebum production can be greater under the influence of certain factors such as stress, hormonal imbalances or the use of far too aggressive hair products. The scalp then turns into the"defense"mode and produces more sebum, the main feature of oily hair.

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Which shampoo for oily hair to choose?

To help regulate sebum and purify your scalp, your Cocooncenter online French pharmacy offers a wide range of shampoos specially designed for oily hair.
Our shampoos formulated by the leading brands of French pharmacy cosmetics contain many purifying active ingredients with sebum-regulating properties.
Their neutral pH cleansing base gently cleans the scalp to stop attacking it further, which also helps limit the number of washes.
Some shampoos for oily hair which we offer contain complementary active ingredients to provide volume and texture to the hair. To prevent your hair from re-greasing too quickly, we recommend that you dry it gently and set your heating devices to the lowest possible temperature.

You can also find our dry shampoos to absorb excess sebum on our online store between two shampoos.

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