Men’s deodorants and antiperspirants:
how to make the right choice?

Written by Paul Musset, Doctor in Pharmacy | published on | updated on 14/09/2020

Men’s deodorants and antiperspirants: how to make the right choice?

Putting on deodorant in the morning or after an intense workout, what a pleasure, isn't it? It is both a gesture of beauty and hygiene. Finding the perfect deodorant is not always easy. There are, in fact, a large number of facts among which one can quickly get lost. To help you find the one you need, let's take a closer look at this essential item in the toiletry bag.

Sweating, deodorant and antiperspirant

What is sweating for?

Not always a very pleasant phenomenon, perspiration is nevertheless useful, even essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Indeed, it allows our body to regulate its temperature when it is too high. In addition, sweating eliminates toxins present in our body. This avoids keeping bad bacteria in our body and therefore making it healthier.

In the trade, we will find two main forms of products to fight against perspiration, men’s deodorants or men’s antiperspirants.


Sweat often results in bad smells. These come from bacteria that grow under our armpits. Men's deodorants will absorb moisture and mask bad odours. On the other hand, they have no impact on the flow of sweat; they only attack the symptoms of sweating, namely bad smells and the development of bacteria.


An antiperspirant is more effective than a men’s deodorant. It will reduce the flow of perspiration considerably. Antiperspirants are often composed of aluminium salts which help tighten the pores of the skin and therefore limit the flow of perspiration. There is a lot of research going on to find healthier active ingredients for use in antiperspirants.

The impact of body build on perspiration
According to a Japanese study, sweating depends largely on our body build. In fact, the more a person has an imposing build, the more they will tend to sweat profusely, especially during exercise. Men are generally larger, which explains why they sweat more than women.

Natural deodorants and antiperspirants

Before finding the best deodorant for men, let's see what are the most effective natural products to fight against sweating.

Alum stone

You can opt for Alum stone. It is a haemostatic astringent mineral, that is to say capable of stopping haemorrhages. It is a product widely used to treat shaving cuts. Just moisten it slightly and apply it under your armpits, it will deposit a thin saline layer to prevent the formation of bacteria.


Alcohol is an excellent preservative, which is also capable of killing bacteria. Its use also creates a very pleasant feeling of freshness. However, it can irritate sensitive skin and dry it out.

Bicarbonate of Sodium

This white powder eliminates odours when applied slightly moistened under your armpits, or by spraying. Non-toxic, it does not cause allergies and is therefore suitable for many people.


There are a large number of organic men's deodorants on the market. These are often made from plants or essential oils. Many plants have antibacterial properties, such as lavender, and are therefore ideal for making deodorants for men.

Deodorants based on probiotics

Known to rebalance the microbial flora, probiotics prevent the development of bad odours. They are therefore all useful components in a deodorant. The resulting products are very skin-friendly and particularly effective, even for heavy sweating.


It is a very absorbent powder composed of a hydrophobic mineral. Talc belongs to the antiperspirant category, because once applied under your armpits, it reduces the flow of perspiration while leaving the skin soft.

Synthetic deodorants and antiperspirants

Now let's move on to the synthetic components found in antiperspirants and men’s deodorants.

Aluminium salts

They are mainly found in antiperspirants. They serve to tighten the pores of the skin to reduce sweating. However, they are suspected of being carcinogenic and they penetrate the skin easily, especially after hair removal or the skin is irritated.

Read the labels carefully
Certain substances present in deodorants, and especially antiperspirants, can be harmful to health. Check the composition of your deodorant or antiperspirant so as not to have any bad surprises. So, if you see aluminium salts or chlorates, triclosan or butylparaben and isobutylparaben appearing, walk away.

What are the types of deodorants and antiperspirants?


If you want to feel a feeling of freshness with your deodorant for men, there is nothing like a spray. Are you going to participate in a sports activity or do you need extra protection? Bet on the Day Control Anti-transpirant Non-stop 72H Spray Biotherm Homme. It dries in seconds after application and gives you optimal protection against perspiration. If you are looking for a softer product, the For Men Only Déo Spray Bio Benecos should please you. 21% of its ingredients are from organic farming, and 99.99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


Very easy to transport, deodorants for men in stick form are very practical if you travel by plane with cabin baggage. They are also very simple to use. For a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and a fresh effect, try the Aquapower Ice Cooling Effect Anti-transpirant 48H Stick Biotherm Homme . It absorbs perspiration and eliminates bad odours. If you are a fan of essential oils, try the Déo Stick Men Puressentiel  based on peppermint, lemon, bergamot and ylang-ylang. It is certified organic.


Roll-on deodorants are appreciated for their compactness. They are light and do not take up space. However, hairs can become trapped in the ball if they are long and the ball can become blocked. Remember to clean it regularly. Among the essential roll-ons, find the For Men Déodorant Antiperspirant Bille Clinique. It is a citrus antiperspirant, paraben free. You can also use the Déodorant Fraîcheur Bio Homme Bioregena . It is made with peppermint essential oil, alcohol free, paraben free and aluminium salt free. 98% of the total of its ingredients are of natural origin.

The Alum Stone

If you want to try your hand at Alum stone, discover the Déoroche Pierre d’Alun du Panama Bioxydiet. You will only have to slightly moisten it and apply  it under your armpits to deposit a thin layer of protection. It will regulate your perspiration while letting your skin breathe.

Indispensable in our hygiene and beauty routine, deodorants for men and antiperspirants come in various forms to meet everyone’s needs and desires.

The three key points to remember about men's deodorants:

  • Differentiate between deodorant and antiperspirant: the first serves to eliminate odours from perspiration, while the second seeks to limit or even stop it;
  • Natural and synthetic substances: our deodorants and antiperspirants can be based on natural or synthetic products. Remember to check their composition;
  • A large number of formats: whatever your preferences or needs, you will have the choice between sticks, sprays, roll-ons or even Alum stone.
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