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Essential oils for sleep and against stress

Essential for the proper functioning of our body and our daily well-being, restorative sleep is one of the components of good overall health. Easily disturbed by a number of factors such as diet, stress level or prolonged exposure to screens, use of essential oils promotes sleep and thus contributes to a restful sleep. Discover our essential oils synergies for sleep distributed by the biggest brands to help you naturally to better sleep.

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Which essential oils synergy for stress and sleep to choose?

Your Cocooncenter online pharmacy offers you to discover a wide range of essential oils synergies for stress and sleep.
Packaged in the form of sprays, rollers or shower baths, our synergies contain essential oils of lavender, petit grain bigarade or even sweet orange known for their soothing and relaxing properties.
For daily use, opt for essential oils in the form of roller to take with you everywhere in case of stress. To relax in the evening before bedtime, the shower baths or sprays to spray in the bedroom will help you relax and promote sleep.

Find also on our online store our essential oils to promote relaxation and rest.

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