Essential oils against headaches

Whether temporary punctual or chronic, headaches can take many forms with or without other symptoms, for example in case of migraine. Simple headache or major migraine, essential oils for headaches turn out to be good allies in everyday life to ease tensions and help calm pain thanks to their analgesic and decongestant properties. They can be used alone or in synergies to increase their benefits tenfold.

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Which essential oil to use for headaches?

Cocooncenter offers you a range ofessential oils for headaches made by aromatherapy leaders like Pranarôm, Phytosun Arôms or Puressentiel. Packaged as a roller for easy application on the forehead or temples, our essential oils have soothing , calming and toning properties on the nervous system to help calm pain and tension. Among the essential oils that make up our products are the essential oils of bay leaf, peppermint or true lavender to promote relaxing feeling.

Find also on our online store our essential oils against stress as well as our food supplements against headaches.

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