2nd age milks

After the age of 6 months, second age milk takes over after 1st age infant milk. Unlike the latter, second age milk should not be the only food for infants, but a supplement to dietary diversification. Like infant formula, it contains all the nutrients which are required for optimal growth along with appropriate proportions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, not to mention vitamins, micro-nutrients and minerals.

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Which second age milk to choose?

Your online Cocooncenter French pharmacy offers a range of 2nd age milks which is in keeping with your baby's needs and manufactured by the leading brands such as Physiolac, Modilac or Biostime. Our products are suitable to be follow-on milk, but also the following the breastfeeding step. They do not contain palm oil, and some second age milks are formulated with organic ingredients for a more natural diet.
Regardless of the 2nd age milk you choose, always refer to the product's recommendations for use but also your pediatrician's advise, to set the most suitable dose for your baby.

Moreover, check out on our online store 1st age infant milks but also our Growing up milks to provide your baby with all the nutrients he needs, to grow well.

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