How to take care of hair during autumn?

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How to take care of hair during autumn?

During inter-seasons, we tend to lose our hair even more. Sea salt, exposure to the sun: at the end of summer, our hair is damaged and loses its radiance. This isn’t ideal while confronting the first chills of autumn. How to protect and repair your hair? Here are our tips to strengthen your hair, when autumn comes along.

We repair hair after summer

Which hair care to choose?

Nourishing shampoo

The first step to take care of one’s hair during autumn is to use a nourishing shampoo . This will revive strength in dry, brittle, or damaged hair, especially due to the sun. During summer, sea salt but also chlorine from swimming pools, can damage the hair. When autumn comes along, it’s time to use nutritious and restorative ranges, with gentle formulas, so that you can pamper your hair.

Hair masks

Hair masks  are a sort of "SOS" treatments, which support hair fiber. This type of intense treatment repairs the hair through a targeted formula, which is rich in nutritive active ingredients. Masks are generally used after shampooing (and conditioner, if need be) while taking breaks. To strengthen your hair, the hair mask is applied to the lengths and ends (avoid the roots so that you don’t make the hair greasy), once or twice a week.

Hair oils and lotions

Even though this is intensive care, hair oils or lotions are used differently, compared to masks. Hair oil is applied after washing, to dry or damp hair. It allows both to style the hair and provide structure, especially to curly hair. It also takes nourishing action on the ends. This type of nourishing and fortifying oil is ideal for boosting hair, during seasonal changes.

Hair lotion, on the other hand, is usually applied to the scalp. During autumn, you can use a lotion to help stimulate hair growth. It can also be an anti-dandruff and anti-irritation lotion cure, designed to soothe sensitive scalp.

Hair oil can be used after each wash, several times a week (2 to 3 times) if the hair is extremely dry. The same applies to lotions, which is used if need be, several times a week.

Style your hair without damaging it

To style your hair while nourishing it, you can use a nutritious styling treatment, such as a dry oil or a day cream for hair. In addition to structuring the hair and giving them a bounce, these styling creams  protect the hair fiber from the hair dryer’s heat, but also from external aggression. Last but not least, to avoid damaging your hair, you need to think about using accessories as well, which are adapted to your hair type: wide tooth combs for curly and frizzy hair, and a soft bristle brush for straight hair.

During summer, wearing a hat can help protect your hair from the sun. The same goes for Winter. However, careful with hats that are too tight, as it can exert strong pressure on the roots and as a result, irritate the scalp, but also elastic bands or hair clips which are too tight.

We slow down hair loss

The right care to adopt to boost growth

Have you noticed a lot of hair loss? Don't panic as during autumn, this phenomenon is rather common. It is true that during Summer, the sun's rays increases the secretion of hormones that stimulate hair growth. During autumn, this growth slows down and resumes a normal pace, and our capillary bulbs enters the “resting” phase. How to strengthen your hair and stop the phenomenon? This is when it is important to lean on a targeted routine, made up of anti-hair loss treatments which shall revitalize your hair. Energizing lotion, stimulating shampoo for growth: everything is done to pamper your hair and combat hair loss, during autumn.

Food supplements for hair

Food supplements for hair and nails do exist as well, to resume the scalp’s balance. These vitamin complexes and natural nutrients like brewer's yeast are used as a basic treatment, to restore strength and vitality to the hair, but also for anti-hair loss. To take care of your hair, you can carry out this treatment once or twice a year, during each seasonal change for example.

We resume our hair’s radiance

Restore strength and radiance by cutting your hair

Is your hair dull, are your ends damaged? Get a haircut when autumn comes along. It is true that split ends can’t be reduced and slow down your hair growth. Cutting your hair does not make it grow faster, but gives your hair more bounce, while boosting their growth.

Special radiance treatments

Have you noticed that your hair has lost radiance? During summer, hair tends to shine more (especially blonde hair) and lighten, or at least resume highlights. When Winter arrives, they can seem duller. To revive radiant hair, focus on special radiance care ! To maintain a blonde summer, we recommend chamomile shampoo and care. To take care of colored hair, you can also use specialized ranges, which shall maintain your color and reflections.

A vinegar rinse

To strengthen one’s hair and make them shine, there is nothing better than a vinegar rinse. This granny trick is to rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar, just after shampooing. It provides your hair with nice highlights, due to a natural ingredient! Chamomile rinse vinegars do exist as well, for blonde hair, for example.

Dull, brittle ... at the end of summer, our hair doesn’t always look at its best! Through a targeted care routine, it is possible to strengthen your hair during autumn, a season when our hair is weak at times. Shine, strength, and radiance will be all present.

The three key points to remember to take care of your hair during autumn:

  • During autumn, there is more hair loss, because our bulbs are in the resting phase;
  • To stop hair fall, hair massages with lotions can be a possibility or taking food supplements;
  • A targeted routine with nourishing treatments can also help take care of damaged hair, due to the summer sun.
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