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Food supplements for blood circulation

Through arteries, blood vessels and veins, our heart circulates blood throughout our body to supply our organs and oxygenate our cells. At times the blood circulation is slowed down mainly due to a bad diet, lack of physical activity, heredity or heat. Taken as a cure, food supplements help maintain normal blood circulation and limit the onset of disorders such as heavy legs or cramps.

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Which food supplement for heavy legs to choose?

In the form of tablets, capsules, drinking solution or even vials, food supplements for blood circulation are made with natural active ingredients which act both on body drainage, but also on blood circulation stimulation.
Some of the interesting plants you can use to soothe issues related to heavy legs are red grape rich in flavonoids and horse chestnut, known for its veinotonic properties.
To make body drainage eaiser, eliminate toxins and facilitate lymphatic circulation, food supplements for heavy legs enriched with birch sap will be advised, especially during seasonal changes.

Discover our selection of food supplements to contribute to normal blood circulation and soothe issues associated with heavy legs.

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