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Detoxifying food supplements

Industrial food, consumption of excessive processed products or even exposure to endocrine disruptors and heavy metals release toxins and clog our bodies. Overall, we have 5 elimination organs (emunctories: the liver, intestines, kidneys, skin and lungs) responsible for cleaning our body and evacuating waste. At times, these organs get overloaded: detoxifying food supplements are then used to stimulate these and evacuate accumulated toxins more effectively.

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Which liver detoxifier to choose?

When our elimination organs can no longer function properly, they aren't able to get rid of the waste accumulated in our body quickly and efficiently. This can lead to several symptoms, occasionally or chronically, such as a feeling of fatigue, skin issues, digestion or sudden weight gain.
Combined with a healthier diet and regular physical activity, consuming detoxifying food supplements helps our body get rid of waste and toxins through the action of natural active ingredients with detoxifying properties.

Among the detoxifying products for the liver one can mainly opt for black radish and the chlorella, in the form of a cure of several weeks to reset our organism. To drain the body, fresh birch sap is also an interesting herb to use to boost lymphatic circulation.

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