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Anti-bloating food supplements

Common digestive disorder, bloating is characterized by an accumulation of gas in the digestive system. Bloating can be due to several reasons: foo rich in carbohydrates, aerophagia, stress or even food intolerance are among the causes one often comes across. The anti bloating in the form of food supplements take action on several levels to resume balance and reduce the physical disturbances which are related to this, in an effective and natural manner.

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How to choose an effective anti-bloating?

The anti-bloating taken in the form of food supplements are an interesting solution to naturally fight against the consequences of bloating. A feeling of discomfort swollen belly, intestinal pain or even spasms can appear and be temporary or chronic, until the cause of the bloating has not been identified and properly treated.
Natural active ingredients with multiple properties, anti bloating such as activated vegetable charcoal or fennel help eliminate intestinal gas and restore normal intestinal flora.

Discover our range of effective anti bloating in the form of food supplements to be taken as a punctual cure or over several months. In the form of tablets, capsules, powder or even sachets, they will help you resume digestive comfort and soothe disorders.

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