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Food supplements for water retention

Made up of 60% water, our body naturally evacuates liquid through our body's elimination organs (emunctories), and mainly our kidneys and our skin through perspiration. At times, the system gets out of order and this leads to water retention: the excess water can no longer be eliminated in an optimal manner. The water is then stored mainly in the lower body, in the stomach, legs or ankles and causes swelling, discomfort or pain.

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Which food supplement to choose to fight against water retention?

To help you regain comfort and well-being, food supplements for water retention help stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation to get rid of the excess of water present in our body.
Through the action of natural active ingredients draining like dandelion, meadow sweet or even peppermint and fennel, food supplements are an interesting solution to fight against water retention.
Due to their many properties, they make it easier to get rid of waste, help reduce the orange peel effect and resume a feeling of lightness on a daily basis.

Discover our selection of food supplements to fight against water retention based on natural ingredients from herbal medicine in the form of sachets, drinking solutions, capsules or vials.

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