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Food supplements for intestinal transit disorders

Quite common, intestinal transit disorders emerge through diarrhea, constipation, accompanied with a feeling of discomfort and more or less pronounced abdominal pain. Constipation is mainly triggered by insufficient physical activity, a diet low in fiber and a low level of hydration. Conversely, diarrhea occurs because of a diet which is too rich in fiber, a gastrointestinal infection or due to the consumption of certain drugs.

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Which natural remedy for constipation to choose?

To limit disorders related to transit issues, food supplements for constipation help significantly reduce the appearance of bloating, abdominal pain and restore intestinal balance.
Made with plant extracts known for their digestive action, natural remedies for constipation improve digestive comfort, strengthen colon walls and facilitate stool evacuation.

Cocooncenter offers natural remedies against constipation in the form of food supplements like chewable cubes, tablets, diluted integuments or even capsules. Combined with probiotics food supplements, which will help you soothe digestive disorders and improve your intestinal transit.

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