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Ginseng: its virtues on your body

Do you believe in alternative and natural medicine? Then you should appreciate ginseng! This plant which is originally from Asia does wonders. What are its benefits and mainly its possibilities of use?

What is Ginseng exactly?

Ginseng is a small perennial plant, to be precise a tuber, its roots are used in various remedies. It generally measures between 30 and 50 centimeters and is recognized through its palmate leaves. It also has white flowers which then leads to small red berries. To make the most of the benefits of ginseng, you must wait for the plant to be 5 years old. A popular plant in alternative medicine, ginseng has many known benefits, mainly in herbal medicine.

A well-known plant for a while

The benefits of ginseng have been known for more than 4,000 years BC. It was used as a natural medicine by the emperors and great feudal lords of China and North Korea. It did not emerge in the West until the 18th century and turned into a vital element those days, in terms of aphrodisiacs, nervous stimulants and fortifiers. There are two forms of ginseng, they are basically the same, but a slightly different treatment gives them two distinct forms. On one hand you have red ginseng, processed, and then dried, on the other hand you have white ginseng, which is only dried. Red ginseng will make more energizing effects on the body, due to its processing.

Active substances

This plant is rich, due to its many extremely effective active ingredients. The roots of ginseng contain ginsenosides, fatty acids or even sterols. It also contains amino acids and minerals, which are good for our body. A ginseng cure will also be ideal for consummating vitamins B, C and E; not to mention trace elements which include zinc, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, potassium, or phosphorus.

How to use it?

The plant can be consumed as an herbal tea by dipping pieces of sliced roots in water and then heating these. It is also possible to use the dried root in powder form, so it can be easily mixed with food. We also advise you, not to consume more than 2 grams of ginseng, so that there is no risk of interaction.

Benefits of ginseng on our body

There is a reason why ginseng is so popular, even today. This plant is very good for our health and it can have many positive effects on our body.

Strengthen our immune system

Ginseng is a vitalizing plant; its root stimulates our immune system and keeps it active. It increases the phagocytic activity of macrophages, which strengthens the protection of the body against bacteria. For example, if you experience some physical fatigue, you can use ginseng to give yourself a boost. Ginseng can also help you during recovery or boost you during a slight drop in morale. While buying your ginseng, make sure it is rich in ginsenosides, to ensure optimal effectiveness. It needs to contain at least 10%.

Boost sex drive

Do you feel that your libido has been slightly down lately? Ginseng will be an ally of choice to solve this issue. This plant is known to be a powerful aphrodisiac. It awakens desire in both partners. In women, it helps fight against frigidity. In men, virility shall be boosted, and self-confidence improves in a significant manner. On a more physical level, ginseng is very helpful against erectile dysfunctions and increases stamina. It increases the quality of sperm and prolongs the ovulation period. An important point, we advise you against consuming ginseng with other substances, which may make an impact on sexual intercourse, such as Viagra.

Improve cognitive functions

If you have trouble focusing at times, you may be able to appreciate the effects of ginseng on your brain. It is known to help and stimulate brain functions, generally speaking. This plant will help you improve your memory capacities, but also your concentration on a daily basis. Moreover, you can use ginseng to fight depression and reduce stress. It is often used to increase the comfort of life for those people suffering from degenerative diseases because it fights the symptoms. Studies have proven its effectiveness against Alzheimer's disease but also mental retardation.

Favor using it in the morning
Ginseng is a vitalizing plant; thus, it tends to awaken and energize the person who is taking it. This is why it is best to consume ginseng in the morning, to avoid having trouble sleeping.

How to consume ginseng?

Thousands of years ago, ginseng was mainly consumed as an herbal tea. But now, practices have diversified:

Food supplements

At breakfast, before going to work, you can absorb your daily dose of ginseng with food supplements. This is the most common form, and it comes in several ways. You can opt for capsules, which include Naturactive, or tablets with Phytoceutic red ginseng. If you prefer liquid forms, vials are made for you, you can test out the Bio ginseng Royal Jelly The 3 oaks  or even the Extract of Ginseng Bio Plant 50 ml Ladrôme and its drops to dilute in water.

Cutaneous use

You can also choose to make the most of the benefits of ginseng through skin along with its various products. The Erborian brand, for example, offers a very complete range with a Ginseng BB Cream , or eye contour tenser effect, but also fabric mask for the face . These products will make a vitalizing, stimulating and energizing effect on your skin.

Combined with a vitamin

For increased effectiveness, ginseng can be combined with vitamin C. This is the case with Boost Vitamin C Ginseng Guarana Juvamine stick.

Ginseng: what are the contra-indications?
People with heart problems are not advised to consume ginseng. The same goes for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children. The stimulating properties of ginseng can be dangerous for these people.

Fatigue, stress, low libido, difficulty focusing… Ginseng can be the solution for all your daily worries. Through capsules, creams, vials, or tablets, this plant is enriched with several benefits.

The three key points to remember about ginseng:

  • An ancient treatment: ginseng has been used in herbal medicine for thousands of years. It remains very popular due to its many effects;
  • Several ways to consume: nowadays, ginseng can be consumed orally, with food supplements, herbal teas, or combined with vitamins; but also, through the cutaneous method, with ginseng creams;
  • Several benefits: strengthen our immune system, improve libido or boost cognitive functions, ginseng takes action on many areas of our body.
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